Mount Olympus
Litochoro is the gate towards the home of the Greek gods, Mount Olympus, which has the highest peak in Greece. We walk through the Enipeas gorge where the river’s springs are found as well. Then we visit Stavros, a place with a spectacular panoramic view of the Pieria region, the cradle of the ancient Macedonians. We continue by visiting the stone made 16th century fortified monastery dedicated to st. Dionisius. We finish our excursion at Prionia, the gate of the climbing park.

Ancient Dion
The ancient city of Dion has been the religious center of the ancient Macedonians. In the archaeological park we visit the ancient theater, the roman theater (auditorium), the sanctuaries dedicated to Demetra, Zeus Hypsistos and Isis. We walk through the streets of the ancient city which used to host shops and baths. In the archaeological museum we admire statues of excellent quality and the water organ or hydraulic organ, the oldest automatic instrument known. In the collection of the new findings, exhibited in a separate building, we visit the place where workshops for cleaning and stabilizing ancient items are held.

Platamon Castle
We visit the medieval castle of Platamon (ancient city Heraclia). It is one of the best preserved fortifications in Greece, with the inner court, the main octagon tower and the five medieval churches in ruins. Then we continue to the near Palaios Panteleimon village with the excellent 18th-19th century architecture and the dramatic view.